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About us

Experience and
special attention

AGT Italia was founded in 2015 based on the forty years of experience of Afaghi’s family in the technical-commercial field, with the aim of facilitating communication between the client’s technical office and that of the manufacturer, bridging the gap between commercial functions and purchasing.
Additionally, we offer technical-commercial consulting to those looking to make purchases in Europe.
Over the years since the start of our business, we have expanded our services to include direct supply of a wide range of items, including special pumps, technical components for refrigeration and oils, characterized by low volumes but requiring special attention to technical details.

Consulting services:

AGT Italia, with its team of experts, offers consultancy services to those who wish to establish or expand their production line using European know-how and updated machinery.

Direct sale
of 100% European products:

Thanks to its experience and market knowledge, AGT Italia operates as a distributor of selected technical components and products, stocking items such as special pumps, compressor oils and refrigeration components to ensure immediate availability and complement its range of services.

and tailor-made services:

AGT Italia, thanks to its experience and on-site presence, is able to act as the eyes of the client in the European market to identify the most suitable solutions for their needs.

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